Welcome to Mercer Inspection Services

Hello, I am Chris Mercer, owner of Mercer Inspection Services. I specialize in residential home and commercial apartment building inspections.  My commitment as an inspector is to provide you with an accurate  inspection with an easy to understand report, and at a reasonable rate.

Honest and Balanced Reporting  I have a reputation as an extremely thorough inspector. I do not cut corners. I inspect all features that are accessible and safe to inspect for safety, structural soundness, and functionality. Click the following link to the Inspection Scope page for more detailed information.  The reports I produce are ready within 24 hours of a completed inspection and published on the web and in pdf format. The aim of my reporting is to put findings in perspective: to give important matters their due consideration, but also not to overstate conditions that are unlikely to affect the value or your enjoyment of the home. I will report every visible defect, point out positive attributes of the house, and I will always emphasize the distinction between major safety issues and matters of little consequence, costly necessary repairs and easy, inexpensive fixes, and will give you a straight and honest call as to what to expect and prepare for in the future. I have placed a number of sample reports for your review on the Sample Reports page of this site.

My clients and any interested parties are encouraged to accompany me during the inspection. I will answer any questions you have and explain what needs to be done to keep your present or potential new home in good condition.

Hours and Availability  I am available Monday thru Saturday from 7am to 7pm, and Sunday 9am to 6pm. During the winter months, I limit this to 5pm due to exterior visibility issues. And if my schedule allows, same day service is possible. Call (916) 588-6619 or message me on the Contact page of this site.


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