About Me

I have worn many hats in the buidling industry, and while credentials certainly do not guarantee the quality of someone’s work they are a good place to start. Here are some of mine: Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (ID# 11122011). InterNACHI “front ends” its strict membership requirements and code of ethics, which can be found here: InterNACHI certified home inspector requirements.  I am also a IAC2 Certified Mold Inspector (ID# 02-4448), instructor, and renovator.

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InterNACHI vs. ASHI vs. NAHI? There are several home inspector certification organizations, and their members often get into squabbles that I think are trivial. When I began my home inspection business, I researched the pros and cons of each organization and I chose InterNACHI. There is virtually no difference between the standards of practice for ASHI, InterNACHI, and NAHI, but I have remained loyal to InterNachi because of the commitment members make to one another in providing fast and accurate information sharing and consultation. So when you hire a InterNACHI inspector, you are hiring a team of hundreds of experts. This translates into giving our clients the best service possible.

On a more personal level, even though I gained my start in the building industry many years ago, I still find every building is an adventure in itself; especially the older homes. I take a great deal  of pride in conducting a thorough, high quality inspection. I do not perform cut-rate “in and out in an hour” inspections. Testing a “representative number” of electrical outlets, structurally questionable areas, etc. just will not do for my inspections: I check out everything that is accessible and safe to inspect. I will provide you with a unbiased, detailed, confidential and professional inspection of your property, whether it is your potential new home or a commercial building.

Chris Mercer