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  1. Chris was on time, looked professional, and treated me with respect. I got the report the next morning and it was 27 pages long, complete with photos. He found everything that was wrong and explained what I needed to do to have items repaired. This was my first house, so I can’t compare him to anyone else, but you can tell he really knows houses. Hanna L.

  2. Inspection report was really helpful! Took a lot of time explaining things to me during the inspection, so I really got a good feel for the house. I think it is a good deal, less than other quotes I had and you can tell he is very knowlegeable.

  3. I had my realtor arrange for a roof certification and it passed. Chris Mercer then went and found two major defects in the roof that were missed, like no kick out flashings and the previous roof was never torn off. He checked on the furnace and found out that it had a recall, and so the manufacturer is going to replace it with a new unit. The report helped me negotiate a lower price on the house and I am going to get a new furnace as soon as I move in. Good job Chris.

  4. I was very impressed with Mercer’s work. I needed the report on a rush by Monday morning, so he worked on Sunday to get it to me. Very thorough reporting. Seems like a very nice fellow, too. I told him that I needed to bring my two kids with me to the inspection, so he brought along his Jack Russel Terrier, Eddy to keep my boys entertained so I could tag along for the inspection. 5 out of 5 stars by me.

  5. I am pleased with Mercer Inspections. Chris, the inspector found a few big problems that were flagged by my lender. Seller fixed the problems but the bank needed them to be certified as fixed. Chris drove down to Elk Grove and did this for free and I know that it is about an hour round trip for him. I paid 200.00 total for all this. I highly recommend his service.

  6. I was very impressed with Chris’ competence and professional demeanor. He spotted a number of fire hazards as well as other repairs that would add to the home value. I have now upgraded my electrical system and feel much safer. He went the extra mile at a very reasonable fee as well.

  7. We were very pleased with our decision to choose Mercer Inspection Services for our home inspection. Chris was very friendly and took time to speak to us and show us in person any problem or concerning areas of the house. He seemed to do a thorough job and knew the neighborhood area well. He worked quickly and returned the written inspection report to us the very next day. We really appreciate that the inspection report included photographs. His fee is very reasonable as well. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to all of our friends and family.

  8. Really happy with the service. I had a problem with my realtor getting the house available for the inspection and Chris showed up three times before he could finally get access to the house. He didn’t complain once and didn’t charge me extra for all the trouble. And, I got a really good report from him the next morning.

  9. The report was very helpful. I used the safety issues with the house to bargain for a lower price. I used one of Mercer’s contractor recommendations to have the issues repaired. I priced other home inspectors and contractors and it looked like I saved about 1,500 over what I would have typically paid for the home inspection and repairs. Good value and acted in my best interest.

  10. I think I got a good report at a good price. Inspector said that I would receive the report within 24 hours; he had it ready for me in less. Full of helpful photos and easy to navigate. No negatives.

  11. Chris Mercer is a really thorough inspector. I followed him through the fourplex I am interested in and watched him crawl under it and he examined and photographed everything. The guy I normally use retired and referred him to me, so I figured he would do a good job. But, I didn’t expect the price to quality ratio to be as high as I got from Chris. He says that he relies on word of mouth, so it keeps the operating costs down. I’m all about that and he has renewed my belief in supporting small businesses.

  12. He took me through the house and discussed all the issues. He really knows his stuff. I have no problem with recommending him to anyone. Kyle

  13. Mercer is professional about his business. We received a very detailed report and on time. I couldn’t be there for the inspection, but he included a whole host of detailed photos with explainations in the report. This was exactly what I wanted. I do recommend him as an inspector.


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