Commercial Inspections

Mercer Inspection Services provides complete and point commercial property inpections. I inspect commercial property for potential buyers, sellers, and brokers. For commercial owners not interested in selling, I offer point inspections (e.g., roof, foundation, electrical, plumbing) for a nominal fee. The types of home inspections I perform are listed below, and a generalized list of what an inspection includes can be found on the Inspection Scope page and inspection fees on the Pricing page of this site.


  • Property buyer’s pre-closing inspections
    Sometimes referred to as a “general commercial inspection,” these are booked prior to closing on either brand new or existing commercial properties. The inspection covers hundreds of components in  a structure and includes a written report clearly outlining safety concerns and its current condition. The report gives buyers the information they need to make the best decision and prepare for future maintenance.
  • Property seller’s pre-listing inspections
    A general commericial inspection completed prior to listing or selling the propert to give current owners an idea of maintenance items to address. A pre-listing inspection also helps inspire confidence in prospective buyers regarding the condition of the property and reduce time spent in contract negotiation because an unbiased, independent inspector has reviewed all major systems.